Social Media Workshop

October 17th
An in-person workshop
for local businesses and services.
Learn in a fun and easy to understand way.
Leave prepared to act!

Join digital strategist and small business expert, Sandra Scaiano, for a workshop that will move your business forward.

Social media, its a business owners love/hate:
We love the idea, the connection, the inspiration of it all.
We hate the not knowing how it works, the feeling lost, the chore of it all.

I’ve heard it ALL from my clients:
“I am completely baffled by Instagram”
“How the heck do you keep up?”
"No one ever comments on my posts!"
"I post when I have time to or have a sale."

Break through the uncertainty and get answers to your specific questions
in this 2-hour, in person workshop.

Local Social 101

Thursday October 17th (10am-12pm & 7-9pm) at The Woman's Club of Ridgewood

Why Attend?

It’s critical for your business to understand how to use social media to engage with and draw in customers.
Print is gone. The retail chains have moved their dollars to social media and you need to be there too. Social is where people are spending their time and recommending products, services, and entertainment to their friends.

Local Social 101 makes embracing social media easy to understand. Bringing the latest, relevant information (because 2017 is eons ago...) with well-planned, actionable steps so you can build your audience and grow your business.

If you own a brick and mortar business, a business or service that markets to a local audience or are in multi-level marketing this workshop is geared towards your needs.

The What

You will learn:

  • Determine which platform is best for your brand
  • Optimize your profiles so people can find you!
  • Dive deep into Facebook and Instagram tools
  • Learn to use local social media tips/tricks to build your following
  • We’ll cover Content - #hashtags - Video - Metrics
  • Understand what the big guys do and how you can apply it to your business
  • Resources to refer back to all the learning
  • Answers to your specific questions!

Been There...

I know what it is like to be an entrepreneur, having to learn new programs and apps to get your business going and keep it running, tend to your family in between, and desperately find some time for a yoga class or run.

I was in your place at one time and now I help my private clients navigate these waters each day.

My style is cool and conversational. Although the tech and terminology may be totally new to you, I explain things as I go in an easy to follow fashion so you catch the concept and begin to own those tech terms.

No more stodgy, too technical lectures that talk at you. I'll get you involved and if you haven’t met me yet, well I’m relaxed and fun!

Oh and I've got over 20 years experience in PR & Marketing creating strategies for some of the world’s most recognizable brands (American Express, Citibank, Eminem, Maybelline, and more). I stay on top of the latest digital developments and work with these tools every day, so my experience is a solid foundation of 'tried and true' coupled with 'new'.

You Have Struggled Long Enough

Now is the time take control of your social marketing and learn the path to more traffic, more engagement and more growth in your local business.


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