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Cut the learning curve on the tools
you use to run your business.


We live in the New Economy

Where entrepreneurs like you, are single-handedly taking over the world with your
smart new idea, unique product or tailored service.

You’re not taking over the world all alone. 
No doubt you’ve discovered the many tools available to assist you: Facebook, Instagram, MailChimp, Canva, Zoom, Kajabi, Pinterest, WordPress, Gmail, SEO (Google), and dozens of other options helping you out along the way.
Sounds like a lot. It is.

Which tools should you use and why?
And then: How do you employ and learn the ones that will work for you?
I help cut out the enormous marketing learning curve for you, 
so that you can run your business.
Moving forward starts here!

Studio SandraSky

Private Community

Developed with entrepreneurs in mind, modeled after my own business’ clientele, those who have taken the leap to start their own businesses or have grown their business and need to step up their brand marketing game.

Customized Tutorials

Videos outlining all the tech, best practices, and nuances of the various programs and apps you use to fuel your business and marketing. (Psst… I use these tools to fuel my business too.)

  • Are you staying up late struggling to figure out how to (insert frustrating task here)?
  • Did you get your website up and open for business and realize, now you need clients?
  • Does the word “funnel” fill you with anxiety? You’re in the right place if you are feeling this way.
  • Are your blog posts optimized for keywords and search engines? No idea, what I’m talking about?

Studio SandraSky is going to be your biggest support!

If you have diy’d it or like to be/need to be hands-on at this point in your business, the content included within the Studio will help you propel your business forward. Not only tutorials, but monthly strategy sessions where you get personalized support.

Studio SandraSky is filled with actionable, easy to follow videos filled with straight-talking, practical teaching where I tell you exactly what to do to accomplish your goals.

If you are making moves in your business and bringing on an assistant, the Studio is the perfect way to train that ‘good person’ you’ve got who needs some tech support to truly help you run your business.

I’m taking the most needed topics and creating video how-to’s ranging from basic to advanced,
so you can guide your brand through your own strategy without having to pay a specialist to handle it for you.

Been There...

I know what it is like to be an entrepreneur, having to learn new programs and apps to get your business going and keep it running, tend to the kiddies in between, and desperately find some time for a yoga class or run.

I was in your place at one time and now I help my private clients navigate these waters each week.

My clients call me for help after Googling a topic on their own and watching a few droned-voice videos. I am able to solve their issues over the phone and even through text, in a clear and understandable way. I know my way around these programs.

"Sandra is amazing! She knows the guts of the technology she is using. There is nothing she cannot do to make your brand look professional and keep your business functional."


No fluff, no hearsay, no wasting your time on YouTube. You get the What and the How.

When you’re launching a business or a new product you end up needing to learn 7 programs at once!

The Studio cuts the learning curve, lessens your overwhelm, and builds confidence in your biz. Studio SandraSky is here to make your life as an entrepreneur happier and less stressful.
Imagine getting a good night’s sleep because you’ve got it under control.
When ‘your season’ comes around, you’ll be ready - ready for sales with strategies in place and automations working for you.
Getting that course, product-line or new idea to market is doable because you’re empowered with the tools and know how to use them.

Membership Benefits

Video Library

Get instant access to the video library with new content uploaded to the studio regularly.

Live Office Hours

Ask your questions and get personalized strategy for your business. Happening monthly and recorded so you never miss the nuggets.

Guest Experts

Exclusive monthly trainings jam packed with actionable info and time for Q & A. Attend live or watch when you are ready.

Training, Community, Support

  • Hours of video, broken down into short bite-sized, actionable trainings
  • Step-by-step instruction, taught so it ‘makes sense’
  • You’ll understand the over-arching concepts as well as tips & tricks for working within the programs
  • Personable approach, I don’t know any other way to do it…
  • You’ll learn the exact processes that I use for my own clientele
  • Community of other business owners who are asking questions that you will want to know the answers to.
  • When you join, you’ll get access to all the trainings so you can start working on whatever piece your business needs the most right away.
  • Save money by not having to buy expensive, singular courses in each of these subjects.

My Style...

is cool and conversational and the lessons build off one another in knowledge. You will be following along and executing your own needs right away.

Although the tech and terminology may be totally new to you, I explain things as I go in an easy to follow fashion so you catch the concept and begin to own those tech terms.

No more stodgy, too too technical tutorials that bore you to death. I have created all the videos inside personally and if you haven’t met me yet, well I’m easy to listen to and fun!

I’ve also got a few expert friends I’ve invited to the party and they get it too.

"Sandra offers direction along the way by making it easy to understand next steps throughout the process. She is proactive, thoughtful, careful and a true pro. If you’re ready to get it done right, I cannot recommend Sandra strongly enough."


"What kind of potion do you use to make up these things? Everything works!"


"Her skills, her vision, her energy & focus, her enthusiasm are motivating and exciting for me as well! My own vision for what is possible has already expanded!! Thank you!"


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Access to all of the content within the membership.

  • Video tutorials - new content added regularly
  • Monthly Q&A Strategy Sessions - get Your burning strategy question answered in-depth
  • Expert interviews & presentations

If it’s not for you, you can cancel at any time, but refunds aren’t given.

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