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Support Studio
Maintenance Studio

Support Studio: Kajabi, Wordpress, Strategy

You've got questions. I love providing the answers.
Now I can answer them in my Weekly Office Hours membership, every Wednesday 12pm EST.
Ask your question live or submit when you think of it. Questions answered in-depth via video and the replay is timestamped and posted in the Studio for easy access .

Direct Access to Me

I know your business, your style, and your systems. In the weekly office hours you get direct access to me for a fraction of my retainer client fees.

Office Hours Replay

Don't worry if you can not make it to the office hours, they are recorded and answers to each question are timestamped for easy access.

Tech and Strategy

This is not only the 'how to' of these platforms but the 'what should I do' and then how to do it with the platform.

Come One Week, Come All Weeks

Get your how to's. Bounce off ideas. Ask about strategy. Learn and be inspired by what others are asking and doing.

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Maintenance Studio: Website Security

Regular software updates are one of the top ways to keep your Wordpress website from being hacked. Website Maintenance keeps your software and plugins updated, your website safely backed up off site, continued access to my software licenses, and sets me as the contact for all security notifications.

Timely Software Updates

Security patches and updates are released all the time. Updating properly ensures you are keeping best security practices for your site. We perform Wordpress, plugin, and theme updates.

Off-site Back-Up Storage

Each month we take a backup of your website and store it away from your server. So if anything occurs we've always got a copy to get you back up quickly.

iThemes Security Pro

Continued access to the pro version of iThemes Security software including brute force protection, malware scans, file change detection.

Security Contact

No more scary alerts and emails that people are trying to access your site. All security notifications come to me. 

Monthly Review of Website Pages

Software updates do not always go smooth. Updates can corrupt your site, make things wonky (buttons go blank for instance), etc. We review your site pages monthly to ensure all is working properly and perform restorations if needed.

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*Even with security best practices, it is possible for your site to be hacked.

Support Studio



  • Live Office Hours Wednesday 12pm EST
  • Kajabi, Wordpress, & Strategy questions answered weekly
  • Direct access to Me
  • Timestamped replay for easy access
  • Learn from other Q's being asked

Maintenance Studio



  • Wordpress, plugin, and theme updates for your website
  • Monthly backups stored off-site
  • iThemes Security Pro software enabled on your site
  • Security contact set to me
  • Monthly review of website pages

Set Up Fee


One Time

One-time set up fee for those who want the Maintenance Studio and use hosting other than Websavers.


Been There...

I know what it is like to be an entrepreneur, having to learn new programs and apps to get your business going and keep it running. Its a lot of information and sometimes you get stuck.

I've been answering questions by phone, email, and text for years. I know the benefits of having someone who knows your business answer you directly.

My goal is to help your business be successful, run smoothly, and for you to see what is possible.